Friday, April 30, 2010

First HHP Cat Show in Malaysia!!

Salam semua...
Dari sumber-sumber yang boleh dipercayai, katanya ada Cat Show khas untuk Non-Pedigree and House Hold Pet Cat awal bulan Julai ni... kalau jadi ler. Organise by one of Non Profit Organisation in KL. Kalau dari cakap-cakap tu, skala besar gak show ni. K, apa-apa update, pakcu akan update kan kat sini.
So, sapa-sapa yang interested, bolehlah dah start prepare kucing-kucing yang ada kat rumah tu. Camana nak prepare? tengok tips cat show dalam blog nih... hehehe.

Cat Show - Melaka Mall, 18 April 2010

Salam Semua..
Dah lama gak Pakcu tak update blog nih... Bukan apa, agak busy sikit and ketandusan idea. Dah pulak tu busy lak dengan Cat Show dua minggu berturut-turut and banyak lak ibu-ibu kucing yang baru beranak... hehehe.

Ok, kali ni nak ceriter lak pasal Cat Show baru ni kat Melaka Mall. Show anjuran Malaysia Cat Club dengan kerjasama Kerajaan Negeri Melaka. Walaupun show ini ada campurtangan kerajaan, tapi shownya cuma sederhana besar je. Promo dia pun ala kadar jer dan orang-orang tertentu saja yang dijemput... Hmm.

Ok konsep show adalah Fun Show, dimana semua kucing boleh menyertainya kalau cukup syarat. Samada yang pedigree or non pedigree, semua pukul rata mengikut kepada kategori yang dipertandingkan. So, Pakcu duk bawaklah 7 ekor bebudak... 4 shorthair, 3 longhair.

Kelly Sofaz Kimura (huuhh... nama, tuan dia anak buah pakcu.. dia yg kasi nama) Selalu masuk show and dah 3 kali dapat title Best Non Pedigree.
Oyen Makata... adik beradik Kelly tapi dah neuter, terlampau montel rasanya dia ni. Ni first time bawak dia show.
Littail Mike - nama diberi oleh forumers, disebabkan ekor kontotnya dan badan yang tak mau panjang-panjang... hehe, selalu dah masuk show ni. Dulu pernah dapat jadi Best Overall House Hold Pet kat CFA Show di Amcorp Mall.
Cikunkunk - disurrender oleh kawan Pakcu. Nama dia cikang sempena terjumpanya dia dalam longkang, pas tu pakcu tambah cikunkunk sebab suka tidor kangkang..hehe. Pernah menang gak dpt title Best Overall HHP kat CFA Show The Mall, KL.
Argo Armani. Antara kucing terbesar kat show and kucing pakcu yang paling besar. Ada orang kata dia ni ada darah maine coon... entahler. Selalu show and selalu gak menang. Tahun lepas kat Show di Shah Alam, menang Best Neuter Pet.
Leyra Banting - kembar pakcu jumpa kat Medan Selera Banting. Tak selalu bawak show sebab dia moody and kadang-kadang gigit tangan. Pakcu dah pernah kena, berdarah sampai pakcu sendiri kena inject ubat bisa... huhu. Ada gak menang kecik-kecik dulu nih... no dua and tiga.
Aren Arena.. Ni lah kucing pakcu yang tiap kali show mesti bawak and alhamdulilah, selalu gak menang tapi placing jer la... tak pernah menang Best Categori. Cukup manja and pandai bodek judge... hehe

Ok, show kali ni pulak, tak der placing untuk 2nd and 3rd. Hadiah hanya diberi kepada Johan Kategori sahaja. Mungkin sebab budget tak cukup kut.. hehehe..

Alhamdulilah... antara tu, ada lah dapat jadi Johan 4 kategori.

Kelly - Johan dua kategori. Most Adorable Female, Most Purring Cat.
Oyen - Johan dua kategori. Most Gorgeous Neuter, Most Colorful Cat.

Yang lain2, dapat show jer... hehehe.

K, nanti pakcu update lak show di Sunway Pyramid.

Love you all!!...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What to Do -- and Not Do -- If Your Cat Is Stuck in a Tree

Cats are climbers by nature. And although they usually confine their clambering to the couch -- and maybe the curtains (eek!) -- their skills sometimes take them up a tree. Unfortunately, most aren't as adept at climbing down.

More than anything, getting kitty back on the ground takes patience. There's no standard rescue protocol, and advice is sometimes conflicting. But if you're ever faced with such an anxiety-provoking situation, here's a list of do's and don'ts that might help you get her down:

Don't force her to jump. Using tactics like spraying your cat with water could cause her to take a dangerous and injury-inducing leap.

Don't call the fire department. They won't come save the day . . . that's a myth. But some tree-trimming companies do offer cat-rescue services for a fee.

Give her time. A treed cat is most likely a scared cat, and attempts to reach her may only send her climbing higher. A little time (and space) may help her calm down and climb down on her own.

Remove potential threats. A loose dog or rowdy kids may have sent your kitty in search of shelter. If possible, clear the area of such startlers.

Comfort her. Call to her in a calm, soft, reassuring voice. Or try making noises that normally bring her running at supper time, such as tapping a fork on the side of a can, shaking a bag of kibble, or running the electric can opener -- with a really long extension cord!

Use bait. Place a generous amount of a strongly odored food, like mackerel or cooked chicken, under the tree or on the steps of a ladder leaned at an angle against the tree.

Enlist help. If your cat has not come down after several hours, or if hypothermia, dehydration, or starvation is a risk, contact your local shelter or rescue group for the name of a trained animal handler who can help. If you want to attempt the risky and tricky endeavor of climbing up after her, be sure to . . .

* Ask a neighbor or friend to steady the ladder and stand ready with a cat carrier.
* Anticipate a fierce struggle. Wear protective gloves and clothing as well as safety glasses or goggles. Those claws are sharp.
* Grab your cat -- if you can -- by an ample handful of skin at the nape of the neck. Hold her tightly and away from (never against) your body as you go down the ladder.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pakcu and Cat Show.. MCC Cats Fun Show, Melaka Mall 18 April and MCFA International Cat Show, Sunway Pyramid 25 April

Salam semua...
Ok bulan ni pada 18 April, MCC ada buat satu show - Cats Fun Show, di Melaka Mall, Air Keroh. Format dia sama macam Merdeka Fun Show tahun lepas kat Mid Valley. InsyAllah, Pakcu akan masuk and bawak dalam 6-7 ekor kut. So, sapa2 yang nak jumpa Pakcu, leh gi Melaka time tu, leh kita berkenalan dan bersembang panjang... hehe. Lepas tu boleh tengok kucing-kucing Pakcu yang comel-comel... kekeke. And kepada sesiapa yang volunteer tolong Pakcu hari tu, dipersilakan sangat... hehe.

Lepas seminggu, pada 25 April, MCFA pulak buat International Cat Show kat Sunway Pyramid. InsyAllah, Pakcu akan masuk gak. Kepada sesiapa yang ada free, datanglah melawat. Boleh belajar banyak bila pergi cat show macam ni.

Ok, ini antara kucing2 pakcu yang akan di bawak masuk dua-dua show tu. Ada 3-4 ekor lagi tu, nak buat surprise... tak leh tunjuk pic kat sini.. hehe.
Littail Mike. Dulu menang dua anugerah kat Merdeka Cat Fun Show.. Best Cat with Largest Ears. Best Cat with Shortest Tail. hehe...

Argo Armani. Pun dapat dua anugerah masa Merdeka Show. Best Cat in Show for Aee Pet (Sponsor), and 2nd Best Longest Body Cat.

Aren Arena : Pun pemenang dua anugerah. Best Cat In Show for EG (Show Organiser), Best Lyrical Eyes.

Kucing-kucing lain... nak buat surprise. Nak tengok, datang ler masa show tu..hehe

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nak Order Cat Tree and Post?

Salam Semua...
Ok, di sini pakcu pastekan gambar-gambar cat tree and cat post. Sesiapa yang berminat, beritahula pakcu, pakcu boleh tolong orderkan. Sebab pakcu order direct maka pakcu dapatlah murah sikit. Sila email pakcu and nyatakan yang mana satu. Tak tahu macamana nak order, pergi kat main topics blog ni and tengok kat booking and payment methods. Ok, thank you so much...
CT 11

CT 10

CT 9

CT 8

CT 7

CT 6

CT 5

CT 4

CT 3

CT 2

LT 1

Keep Your Cat from Scratching Furniture

Trying to completely stop your cat from scratching is like trying to keep a squirrel from gathering nuts: You won't succeed. It's what he's programmed to do. But with our four-step process, you can train your cat to leave the furniture alone and scratch his post instead. This week, we'll lay the groundwork with the first two steps.

Step 1: Understand Why Cats Scratch
Cats love to sharpen their claws. It's a completely instinctual, natural, and enjoyable behavior. It's also healthy (for your cat, if not your couch) and fulfills these needs:

Stretching and strengthening back and leg muscles. Cats crave this healthy form of exercise and toning, and scratching is the perfect way to do it.
Establishing their territory. Visible scratch marks and secretions from scent glands on their paws leave the territorial "This is my turf" message. Cats tend to repeatedly scratch the same spots to reinforce it.
Getting regular pedicures. Scratching helps strip away the worn, chipped outer claw to leave a sharp new one in its place.

Step 2: Protect Your Stuff
During the initial training period, it's wise to put something between kitty's claws and your furniture. Measures like these can help:
Apply double-sided tape to items into which your kitty likes to sink his nails. It's available at most pet stores.
Place throws or blankets on the arms and backs of sofas and chairs.
Spray a bitter smelling mist, such as bitter apple, to help keep your cat from using his claws to repeatedly mark a certain piece of furniture.
Trim and cover claws. Have your vet show you how to safely trim your cat's nails, and ask about soft, protective nail coverings, such as Soft Paws.

Part 2. we'll cover the third and fourth steps: Teaching your cat to scratch his post, not the furniture. we'll describe how to get him to do it in the right place -- the scratching post.

Step 3: Deter Bad Behavior
Not all experts agree on the specifics of how and when to use positive and negative reinforcement to train your cat. Here are a few of the most commonly recommended do's and don'ts:

Do try to distract your cat by making a loud noise while he's scratching the furniture -- not after -- so he makes the connection between the startling noise and the undesired behavior.
Don't take your cat to the post immediately after distracting him from inappropriate clawing. Your kitty may learn to associate his post with the loud noise.
Don't ever physically punish your cat. This could cause a fear-driven, aggressive response and weaken your cat's trust in you.
Don't force your cat to scratch the post by placing his paws on it. It might backfire and make him avoid it altogether.
Do give praise and treats whenever he scratches the post.

Step 4: Find the Perfect Post
To make your cat's post more enticing, follow these suggestions.
Provide the right angle. Offer both vertical and horizontal scratchers.
Find the right surface. Experiment with a variety of textures -- including corrugated cardboard, carpet, sisal rope, and soft wood -- until your cat finds one he prefers.
Go for sturdy, stable, and tall. If your cat can't stretch to his full body length when scratching, he'll more likely choose the back of your dining room chairs rather than a too-short post. Also, a wide base prevents wobbling.
Add some height. A tall cat tree may keep kitty from climbing screens and drapes.
Have extras. Put a few posts throughout the house in easy-to-get-to spots.

With a little patience and perseverance, these steps can help save your furniture without resorting to declawing your feline buddy, which is a potentially risky and controversial procedure (even among veterinarians). Look for more on this topic in a future tip.