Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can You Teach a Cat to Cuddle?

Wish your cat was more of a cuddle bug? We may have help for you . . .
How touchy-feely a cat is often depends on his breed, his individual disposition, and how much affectionate human interaction he received as a kitten.

And while not every cat can be turned into a lap cat, the following training tricks -- although not scientifically proven -- may be worth a try:

Let it be on his terms. Start by petting and sweet-talking your cat when he is sitting, lying down, or standing up. Conclude such "love" sessions with a treat to reward and reinforce the experience.
Use enticements. When your cat is hungry, use some yummy treats to coax him onto your lap. Praise and pet him once he's there nibbling out of your hand. (And never medicate your cat or trim his nails while he's on your lap.)
Don't force it. Wrestling your reluctant cat onto your lap and forcing affection will only ensure he never comes there again.
Be patient. You may need to accept your cat just as he is. However, don't be surprised if -- after months or even years -- he becomes the cuddle cat you crave. Often, it just takes time.

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